Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anakku liat benar ke sekolah

Muaz, anak sulung saya amat liat sekali ke sekolah. Boleh dibilang berapa kali sahaja dalam 1 minggu dia tak menangis waktu pagi bila dikejutkan. kadang-kadang naik marah juga dibuatnya..kepada kawan-kawan yang melalui masalah yang sama....mungkin tercari-cari penyelesaian kepada masalah anak-anak kita ini...dan mungkin juga ramai yang ingin berkongsi pendapat tentang cara-cara menangani masalah anak kita yang tidak mahu ke sekolah..asyik kata nak cuti aje.

Saya ada meninjau sedikit website yang mungkin memberi kita idea....

anda semua boleh rujuk ruangan website yang saya telah lampirkan di sebelah kanan ya.

atau bolehlah membaca di sini..

antara langkah-langkah yan boleh kita ambil..(nanti saya cuba dulu..kalau menjadi..saya bagitau..heheh)

1. First of all talk to your children & let them know that school is not something scary. They will learn a lot as well as have a lot of fun. The teachers like parents take care of them and teach them what is right and what is wrong. They get to make lots of friends. We should try to get the child relieved of this insecure feeling. Start talking to them about school ahead of time so they can be ready to face the situation with confidence.

2. If you can talk to your child and identify what exactly the child is scared of, that would be really great. You can find a solution that is agreeable to both you & your child and get rid of the fear. Make sure that the child understands that you are there to help whatever the problem may be.

3. Day cares/Preschools/Montessori are of great help. Children who start day care or preschool at a young age will get used to staying away from parents, playing with other kids and they may not have a tough time transitioning to kindergarten. Most parents start preschool for for about 2-3 hrs and when the child gets used to it they increase the time.

4. If there are other children in the neighborhood going to the same school, have the children meet in advance and may be even have a play day so they have a familiar face in school.

5. Take the child to school before the school starts so they get familiar with the surroundings. If possible, have them meet the teacher too. That will be of great help because they will not have too many strangers on the first day of school.

6. Do not drop them & leave immediately on first day of school. You could wait for sometime until you feel that your child is comfortable and let them know that you will come as soon as the school is over & pick them up. May be even come during lunch time for the first few days.

7. If there is an older sister/brother in the same school, it should be easier for the younger ones. They get a feeling that they have someone around to help them.

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